the bread

Okay, here is that bread from last night… took two days to make but it’s one of those low-yeast, slow-rise recipes. I’m gonna keep the source a secret for now, but I’m excited about the results. It was super easy, and the results were pretty fantastic. This pic isn’t great, and it’s actually the day after. Sorry. I got so excited about the hot bread fresh from the oven with it’s awesome crust that I started eating it right away. Yes, it was that good. Today it’s been good for toasting, since I wrapped it up and now the crust is soft. Oh, and I made another recipe from that Sam the Cooking Guy book for dinner tonight, a risotto that you don’t have to stand over stirring for 20 minutes. You make it in the oven. Sam’s so cool. Again though, I’m not writing about that book yet, since it’s not even published.

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