whole wheat bread

Here’s a shot of that whole wheat bread I was talking about, still in the Le Creuset pot. Yes, the pot is too big for the recipe, so it comes out a bit wider and flatter. Like I mentioned not too long ago, this is a recipe for no-knead bread. You use a minimal amount of yeast, combine the ingredients with cool water (yes, really) and let everything rise for 18 to 24 hours for the first rise with no kneading at all. I tried the real recipe this time. I admit, I’m not a big fan of whole wheat bread. A friend warned me this recipe would turn out “doughy”. I wasn’t sure what she meant, but I’d agree now. The crust was pretty amazing again, but the inside was very soft, almost too soft. The bread didn’t have that yeasty, almost sour smell like the white bread did. I’d say this bread was good, but it almost needs to be toasted. The next morning, toasted with a little butter, it was just right. It needed that extra crisping to make it right. I’m still kind of mystified by the whole process.

Last night I cooked up some nice shiitake mushrooms and made a little pasta. Oh, and I made this salad that’s so good. I got the recipe from a coworker, but in the interest of privacy, I won’t mention her name. The recipe is simple. You can use any lettuce, but she called for Boston. She also called for red onions, but I never use them. Heck, she also called for gorgonzola cheese, which is an automatic win, but last night I used up some blue cheese I had in the fridge. Some freshly toasted pine nuts always add the right touch. The dressing is so simple — canola oil, a little sugar, and raspberry wine vinegar. This may be the only time you ever catch me using raspberry wine vinegar in anything, ever. But just trust me, it makes a yummy dressing.

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