homemade veggie burgers

I’m gonna tell you a secret. That burger on the cover above is a veggie burger. I don’t think my coworkers knew that when they chose this image for the cover, but I didn’t want to spoil it for them. Most people who see this book cover ooh and ahhh about it. It does look yummy. So yummy, I just made it for dinner. I’ll be honest again though, it’s hard to make the burger look quite that good yourself. A professional food stylist made that one, and a great photographer named Yunhee Kim took the picture (check out her rep’s Web site here and click on Yunhee’s name). But cooking shouldn’t just be about the pretty pictures. It’s about the taste, and although I’m a fan of Garden Burgers, this homemade recipe is worth the effort. Recipe of the Week: Burgers by Sally Sampson is hot off the presses and will be in stores soon. I’d recommend checking out Amazon if you want to preorder it. After that, Borders will have a lot of copies in their stores, and here is a link to a good coupon at Borders, if you want to save some money.

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