i heart dessert truck

There is something about the idea of a truck parked on University Place and 8th Street selling warm desserts at night that makes me really happy. What makes me even happier is this bread pudding with BACON creme anglaise on top. If you’re bold enough to order it, the guys in the truck get totally psyched. I’m gonna assume that the Asian dude in the truck is the pastry chef, Jerome Chang, and where else can you get that kind of face-to-face interraction with the person who created your food? In a restaurant? No way.

My girlfriend took these pictures — nice, huh? Anyway, I don’t know much about Dessert Truck, but you can read more about it here. They’re only parked there at night. Sometimes they run out of the best stuff, so don’t come too late. I think they offer some cool desserts, but it’s the middle of winter, so go for the warm ones. The bread pudding is so hot, it’s practically liquid. The price is right, $5 for everything, I believe. Eat on the spot for the most enjoyment. Bring a date and she’ll think it’s kind of romantic. Then if she has a little chocolate on her lips, you can go in for that kiss. Awwww.

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