potato pizza

I lied, I do want to talk about food today. It’s been a busy week without much writing and I need to catch up. I’m a little obsessed with the pizza at Sullivan Street Bakery. Okay, okay, sorry… Grandaisy Bakery. How can you not call it Sullivan Street Bakery? That’s what it was called for so many years, and it’s in the same place with the same food! Yes, I realize that Jim Lahey split off at some point and has a location uptown somewhere, but I like to hang out in Soho on the weekends, and I can’t get enough of this potato pizza, so I’m gonna call it whatever I want to call it. I will say that the pizza was a little different than usual this weekend. I expect it to be room temperature and crispy. Today is was really fresh, even a bit warm, with a thicker layer of potatoes that was a bit soft under the crispy top. Yes, that will work just fine, thank you. P.S. That’s Jen enjoying the pizza in the photo.

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