looks okay, tastes great

That’s the theme for today, things that look so-so but taste great. Let’s start with the pasta. I commented last week when I was making this casserole from Bake Until Bubbly that half-way through the cooking, I had to resist the temptation to not just eat the broccoli-pasta mixture right out of the pot and forget about the casserole altogether. Today I indulged that urge. I boiled up some pasta, tossing in broccoli florets for the last 5 minutes. Then I drained the pasta and broccoli, put them back in the hot pot, added some minced garlic, salt and some grated Romano cheese, and that was dinner. Perfect. No need for those extra 9,000 calories of cheese and cream. But the pasta doesn’t look so pretty in this picture. The texture was right, but it got all mashed up with the broccoli.

Now for the cookies. I decided to bake something for V-day tomorrow. I tried a new recipe from one of my favorite cookbooks by Lauren Chattman. The recipe calls for putting a cup of oats in a food processor and grinding them till smooth. You add it to the flour, and the cookies turn out chewy. Interesting. Except that my oven is unreliable, and I couldn’t get the timing right. One batch was dark, another was light and undone in the middle. I think I got the last batch just right, but the first batch is questionable. They look too flat in this picture, but I think that’s how they’re supposed to look. The thing is, they do taste yummy, and I suppose that’s what really counts.

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