fries, a lot of fries

I don’t know if the photo does justice to the size of this thing. This is a ton of fries, sorry, pommes frites. It’s funny but that’s not even the biggest size you can get at Pommes Frites in the East Village. People who know me will tell you that if it’s a nice Sunday afternoon, you can probably find me here. My biggest dilemma is choosing a sauce/topping/dip. I’m a fan of the classic “especial,” which is just ketchup, mayo and fresh onions. In the photo, that’s the especial with curry ketchup. They have a lot of choices, and sometimes I go crazy and order something like Parmesan Peppercorn. Then I spend the whole time wishing I had a little ketchup mixed in with that. Okay, so they let you add just about anything to your fries, so if you want a little ketchup with it, just ask. But I always feel pressured to pick just one sauce and be happy with that. And sometimes I wish I just got the especial.

Oh yeah, that’s me standing outside, eating my bucket of fries. I have to admit that sometimes the fries are great, and sometimes they’re just good. A little under-done or over-done can spoil my mood a bit, but if you want Belgian-style fries in NYC, this is the place.

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