veggie vietnamese

You’ve probably heard me rave about my local Vietnamese spot in Jersey City. As much as I love that place, Saigon Grill (two locations in Manhattan, I go to the newer one on University Place) has them beat with regards to vegetarian fare. See those crispy meatless spring rolls? Most places only serve them with meat, so this is a real treat. Of course, I’m not totally veggie. I do eat fish, and I suppose that’s a good thing because I can’t really tell you what’s in fish sauce. There is a vegan Vietnamese place on East 6th Street, and in theory their fish sauce is totally meat free, but don’t take my word for it. So if you’re okay with the fish sauce, but you’re always feeling left out when your friends order those meaty spring rolls at most Vietnamese joints, I urge you to stop by Saigon Grill. Of course you Upper West Siders have probably been eating there for many years, so I’m not telling you anything new. I guess it should be mentioned that this place is wildly popular, but they seem to be able to turn tables over quickly, so don’t be scared off. It’s worth a little wait.

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