real everyday Italian

No, I’m not talking about a certain busty Food Network host, I’m talking about my addiction to pasta. I’m half Sicilian, so maybe that has something to do with it — I eat pasta at least 3 nights a week. I was browsing through a great book, Lucinda’s Rustic Italian Cooking, just before I left work today. I love cooking from this book, due in no small part to the stunning photos by Quentin Bacon. Lucinda’s pasta recipes are so accessible, but what I might like best about this book is not cooking from it. You heard me right. I get so inspired by accessible books like this that I just want to go home and make up my own pasta dishes. So that’s what I did. I made a sort of pasta puttanesca (tomatoes, black olives, garlic, capers), but I tossed in some canned artichoke hearts. A taste of summer in early March. By the way, this great book should be on display at your local Crate & Barrel store right now.

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