thanks again, Amy

I can’t stop talking about Sam the Cooking Guy: Just a Bunch of Recipes, but the book is brand new and selling well, so can you blame me? Plus, if you haven’t heard already, Sam is going to be on the Today Show on Tuesday, April 1st at about 9:45am. Don’t take my word for it on the time. DVR or tape the whole show if you want to be sure to catch it, but I think he’ll be on during the third hour. So what’s up with the pic above? That’s Sam with my old boss, Amy Laskin. Amy is the person who first told me about Sam the Cooking Guy. She sent me a link to his Web site, I watched some videos, and then I emailed Sam. Yes, that’s how the whole deal got started. Fast forward to a couple of years later, and we have a cool book that’s a big hit on Amazon. So I brought Sam to Amy’s office today to introduce them, and so Sam could autograph a book for Amy. It was a lot of fun for me, and I think Amy had fun too. P.S. Thanks, Kelly, for coming along today.

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