not sushi

I only just heard of kim bab for the first time last year. Then I started hearing about this place, E-mo Kim Bab, on West 32nd Street. (Sorry, I’m back in NYC now. West 32nd Street, aka Korea Town, aka Korea Way.) All they serve here is kim bab. They’ll offer you a little soup with your kim bab, but that’s about it. The entire menu is posted on the wall as you enter the place, and it’s not much longer than what you see here in this photo.

After you glance at the menu, you step inside. But we’re talking like two or three steps, because this place is tiny. Three or four customers and it’s packed. Surprisingly, they do have a little counter for eating inside, but I’d recommend taking your food to go and finding a park bench somewhere. Here, see for yourself how tiny it is…

But before I forget, what is kim bab? It’s basically like a sushi roll, wrapped in seaweed. They have a couple of weird flavors, like cheese or jalapeno. I’d recommend the spicy tuna. The prices are cheap, and you get a huge roll for your money. One is probably enough to satisfy you, but if you’re hungry for a lot of food, I’d recommend several other places on West 32nd Street. Be warned though — don’t expect anything fancy at E-mo. This is simple, satisfying food. The funny thing for me is that I’m always craving it. I wish I had a take-out joint like this near my office or home. Then I’d probably get a roll once or twice a week.

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