congratulations, Paul

I just got back from the IACP convention in New Orleans. You’ve probably heard me rave before about Paul Johnson’s Fish Forever, a book I worked on last year. It was up for an award in the Single Subject category, and I was thrilled when it won. What happened next was really beyond my wildest dreams — Paul won the IACP Cookbook of the Year Award. That’s sort of like winning “Best Picture” at the Oscars. I was sitting with Paul, and I think he was stunned. I sure was. Don’t get me wrong, Paul deserved the award. It’s an incredible book, and you owe it to yourself to get a copy, but nobody is prepared to win an award like that. Congratulations again, Paul. As an editor or author, you’re lucky to win an award like that once in a lifetime. For me, it was an honor just to have a part in it, and I’d like to thank a few people for their hard work. Deborah Kerner, designer, we’ve done some great projects together over the years, but you really outdid yourself this time. Ava Wilder, you worked incredibly hard on this book from start to finish, from the words to the design to the paper stock — thank you. Jeff Faust, art director, the cover is stunning. Christine Dicomo, this was a tough project, and I couldn’t have done it without you. Gypsy Lovett, thanks for the fantastic publicity support. And thanks to Natalie Chapman for convincing me to take this project on. P.S. For a list of all of the award winners, see here.

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