me and Mike in NOLA

For me, New Orleans is all about the oysters, and the famous Casamento’s on Magazine Street is a standout in a crowded pack. I’ve been to NOLA a few times, but I’d honestly never heard of this place before. I headed uptown on the St. Charles streetcar with some friends and wandered until we found it.

It took me only moments to figure out what I wanted — a plate of raw oysters, an Abita beer, and a “half oyster loaf.” I’m no expert, but po’ boys are served on a loaf of French bread, and my sandwich at Casamento’s was served on toasted, sliced loaf bread. Besides the dressing, I guess it’s a lot like a po’ boy. I doused mine in hot sauce, and it really hit the spot. Next time I go to New Orleans, Casamento’s will be on the top of my list. But the fun didn’t end there.

As we were leaving, Michael Kors walked in with a bunch of friends. As you can see in the photo, he was really casual, wearing just a t-shirt and shorts. (It was close to 80 degrees outside, so you can’t blame him.) I asked to take a photo and one of his friends offered to take a shot of us together. They were really nice guys, and I like this photo. Thanks, Michael. You made a great day even better.

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