a really gorgeous book

I was at a cool event at the Rubin Museum on Friday night. As if the great space, funky cocktails, and seeing some good friends wasn’t good enough, the event was to promote the publication of Beyond the Great Wall by Naomi Duguid and Jeffrey Alford. I’ve known Naomi for a long time and give her credit for helping to sway a decision I once had to make about publishing another pretty amazing book. Or maybe it’s all the awards Naomi and Jeff have won for their past books. The point is that maybe I’m biased, but I really enjoyed this event. Naomi and Jeff are just so passionate about what they do. Sure, I already love Asian food, but they could be talking about a glass of Chardonnay or luscious piece of chocolate cake, and I think they’d be just as fascinating to listen to. So here I am rambling on and on about about an event you’ve missed. Don’t worry, it’s not too late. The authors are speaking again on Tuesday, May 6 at the Asia Society, and this event looks even better.

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