almost gluten-free?

Quick post, no photo. I’m a big fan of City Bakery, so it might seem a little odd for me to rant about its off-shoot, Birdbath Bakery in the West Village, but the counter-person kind of deserves it for this. I had a great lunch today with a new author I’m working with, Vanessa Maltin. I guess you could say Vanessa is a gluten-free guru. After lunch, I told Vanessa about Birdbath and asked her to come with me to check it out. We were intrigued by the selection of treats, and so Vanessa asked “Is anything gluten-free?” The quick answer was no. The counter-person should have left it at that. Then the counter-person described one of the treats in some detail and said to us, “It’s really low in gluten.” So here is the deal… most people who are asking if your food is gluten-free are asking because they have Celiac Disease. For someone with this condition, as Vanessa put it, there is no “low in gluten.” The counter-person’s response would be sort of like telling a vegetarian that a BLT is really low in meat because it has just a little bit of bacon, but it’s worse than that because being a vegetarian is a choice, not a matter of health. Okay, that’s the end of my rant.

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