August in May

Like I said below, I had lunch with gluten-free expert Vanessa Maltin today. I was going to take her to Risotteria, but it turned out she’d been there plenty of times before. I probably should have guessed that, since gluten-free cooking is a specialty at Risotteria. So I gave some thought about where else we could get lunch. We thought it might be more fun to choose a great restaurant in the neighborhood and to figure out the whole gluten-free thing on the fly. August on Bleecker Street in the West Village was up to the challenge. We told them about Vanessa’s dietary restrictions up front, and the waiter took care of us. (Mind you, he kind of goofed when he turned down my request to move to a shadier table — we were the first people dining there for lunch that day, the restaurant never filled up like he said it would, and all he had to do was slide a table over to make it a two-top, but whatever.) Of course that shot above is of my meal, halibut on toast with the beautiful poached egg on top. I’d been craving halibut ever since someone told me an interesting story last week about some great halibut from Wild Edibles, so this lunch hit the spot. Really fresh, tasty, and gorgeously plated. One of the best things about August is that the food seems almost like something I could make at home… almost.

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