a better burger

No, this post isn’t about that burger chain in Manhattan, although I do like that place. It’s about Dumont Burger in Williamsburg. Locals already know and love this place, though I’m guessing most come for the beef burgers, and for good reason. Veggie burgers are more my style, and I have to strongly recommend Dumont to all veggies in the tri-state area. The first thing wrong with most veggie burgers I’ve tried elsewhere is that they’re limp and lifeless. Score one for Dumont. This is their chickpea burger, and I suppose it has more in common with a falafel than a traditional burger. Still, this is the first time I’ve had a chickpea burger, and they’re really onto something. Great texture, very satisfying, and then there is the tszatziki, that yummy-looking yogurt sauce on top. Even the bun was just about perfect. And would a burger be the same without great fries? Well, these fries don’t disappoint either. In fact, I have to admit I scarfed them down pretty quickly. They might just be my new favorite fries in NYC.

The day I was in Williamsburg, the weather was gorgeous, and my girlfriend and I sat outside. Ah, the joys of Spring. And I love this old-looking sign out front. The whole Dumont experience is pretty cool and laid back. Definitely recommended for veggie dudes and their carnivore gf’s (and vice versa of course).

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