a better yogurt

Maybe you read that piece in the Times recently about the yogurt places popping up every 3 1/2 blocks in NYC these days. What’s stranger about the trend is that Red Mango and Pinkberry (and a few other copycats) keep opening up within a block of each other, sometimes even on the same block. I guess it’s a frozen yogurt war, and that war is pretty heated on Bleecker Street where I stopped in the other day to try Red Mango for the first time. The crowd looked about the same at Pinkberry across the street. I’ll let the Times article speak for itself, but to sum it up, they counted ingredients and talked about live cultures, so if you really want to know what’s in that frozen yogurt, you might want to give the article a read.

I’m more interested in the taste, and I was once made to believe that Pinkberry was frozen dessert’s second coming. I’ve tried it, and I seem to recall tossing a large container of the icey stuff into the trash after a couple of bites. I’m very pleased to say that my experience at Red Mango was quite a bit more enjoyable. My only complaints are that my “large” wasn’t very large at all, and there was plenty of room in that cup for some more fruit. That being said, Red Mango really has the whole texture thing down. If you want a smooth dessert, this is the place. I guess it’s a bit less tangy than the competitors, but I personally preferred it. Would I go back? Well, with all the amazing ice cream in NYC, the answer is no. But if I was going to choose sides in the little war on Bleecker Street for frozen dominance, it wouldn’t be a very tough call.

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