Since I’m a cookbook editor, and not a food magazine or newspaper editor, my desk isn’t crammed with free foodie stuff sent by overanxious publicists. So where did this strange stash of goodies come from? It was all inside the take-home gift bag from the Share Our Strength benefit at Roseland Ballroom this evening. Why am I taking a picture of it? Well, it’s a nice bag of freebies, but more to the point, all of these companies donated their products for the giveaway. So they deserve a little bit of promotion, don’t you think? But it’s the chefs who really go the extra mile. A few dozen top restaurants from New York City served amazing “bites” of their food. The benefit is a really nice event, if you’ve ever wondered. Great food and a good cause. Highlights? Well, I’d have to say Sam Mason at Tailor stole the show with his pork belly creation. Even Ed Levine agreed. (Now I feel even better about adding Ed’s RSS feed to my blog.) Pichet Ong’s dessert was another stand-out. Damn, I gotta try that place. Oh yeah, Felidia kinda kicked ass — nice for an old stand-by. I loved the bite-size lasagna from Union Square Cafe. And I gotta give a lot of credit to Blue Hill for serving the pork terrine sandwiched between chocolate wafers. One of my bites had some salt on the outside. It was one of the most interesting things I’ve ever tasted. Dan Barber, where were you this year?

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