bread pudding, done right

Back to New Orleans. I normally head to Mother’s for the po’boys (shrimp, to be specific), but it was a busy trip and I was advised to try some other spots for po’boys (more to come on that). I almost thought I was going to miss Mother’s this time around, but it was late one night, after a cool cocktail party at August, and I had to run back to my hotel to get changed before heading out to Vaughn’s a little bit later (unfortunately, Kermit Ruffins was not at Vaughn’s like he was supposed to be). I got into Mother’s just before closing. The best thing about this time of night at Mother’s is that there was no line out the door like there is mid-day.

Almost as quickly as I could say “gumbo, iced tea, and bread pudding,” my food was ready. The gumbo was just right, although I could have eaten twice as much of it. But it’s the bread pudding that stood out for me. I know this is a touchy subject, and I’ll eventually write about bread pudding I tried elsewhere in the Big Easy, but see the way it’s very wet and soft? Well, take my word for it, this bread pudding was almost like real pudding. You could suck it up through a large straw if you wanted to. That’s just how I like it, probably because when I make bread pudding at home, it never turns out like that. I could eat Mother’s bread pudding three times a day.

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