mmmm, ice cream

It’s a day late, but Recipe of the Week: Ice Cream by Sally Sampson was the cookbook of the day on Slashfood yesterday. Cool. The book just came out this week, so give it a few more days before you start looking for it in stores. You’ll definitely be able to find it at Barnes & Noble. And for the record, I’ve made quite a few of the recipes in this book at home. I admit, I lucked out. Cuisinart donated one of these amazing ice cream machines to us for the photoshoot with Alexandra Grablewski, and when we were all done, I got to keep the machine. (Thanks, Cuisinart, you totally rock.) The machine is a total workhorse. We cranked it non-stop at the photoshoot for hours and hours. The best part is that you don’t have to freeze the canisters for 24 hours like on most ice cream machines — what a relief. The cookbook is adorable, and the recipes are pretty outstanding. My favorite might just be the Grape Nuts ice cream. Yes, you heard me right, Grape Nuts. Go buy the book, make the recipe, and try to tell me it isn’t awesome.

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