bread pudding, part deux

Yes, that’s not bread pudding — I’ll get to it. Back to New Orleans. After Fish Forever won the cookbook-of-the-year award, my colleagues and I had to go out and celebrate. We ended up at Bon Ton Cafe, which was recommended to me by James Villas. Bon Ton is really old school, perhaps what you might expect from New Orleans, so no complaints there. Someone at the table made a good point though. See that huge plate of crawfish etouffe above? It was tasty, but honestly, that’s way too much crawfish for a meal. If you’re ever headed to Bon Ton, my suggestion is to order a bunch of different dishes and share.

Okay, onto the bread pudding. Now you can probably see that this looks a lot different than what I ate at Mother’s. This one was very solid, basically a block. I’d almost say that I’m mixed up about it, except of course the words “bread pudding” are printed right on the plate. Eating this with a spoon is a bit of a challenge. We were offered ice cream on top, and that would have been smart, to cool down the heat. Yes, the heat. What isn’t clear until you take a bite is that the chef pours whiskey right over the dessert just before serving it. Ice cream really hits the spot after you get a hit of the whiskey. Definitely worth a try, but I wish someone had warned me in advance. P.S. The onion rings at Bon Ton are pretty awesome too.

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