not another burger post!

I had such a foodie weekend, ending with a Korean feast prepared by a new friend. Since I don’t know this friend that well, I managed to resist pulling out my camera to take a photo of the food, so just trust me, it was cool. Spicy chicken, lots of kimchee, a really yummy mushroom dish (with three or four varieties of mushrooms), and these little fried squash coins. Okay, so I don’t know know the real Korean names of any of the dishes, but everything tasted great, and that’s what counts. Oh yeah, we sat on the floor to eat at the low tables, which is very cool too. It reminded me of a scene in this movie I like, Woman is the Future of Man. Wow, I just did a quick search and found a still from the exact scene in the movie I was thinking about!

But wait, this post is about burgers (again). I’m not sure when I became so burger obsessed. The truth is, I just got so excited about this Washington Post review of Recipe of the Week Burgers that I just had to post a link. The review says the Spicy Black Bean Burger recipe in the book (which I’ve made at home) is the “holy grail.” Nice. Click here to see what I said about the recipe when I first made it a couple of months ago.

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