batch time

After trying the amazing dessert Pichet Ong was serving at the S.O.S. benefit last week, I had to finally make a trip to Batch, the cute, little bakery he opened in March next door to his fancy dessert spot, P*ONG. After one try, I’m in love with Batch. I didn’t make note of the names of anything, but this is a slice of coconut cake. What’s that, some kind of glitter-like edible pink dust on top, with lime zest and maybe dried kumquats? Gorgeous. The whole thing was ultra moist, sort of like tres leches cake (and I really love tres leches cake). I sat down outside of Batch and devoured this piece of cake on the spot.

My girlfriend got this carrot cake cupcake. I’m not sure if the description or counter person (who was extremely nice, by the way) mentioned that the cupcake had a surprise creamy layer on the inside. I like surprises, especially when it comes to dessert.

P.S. Today I had lunch with Angie, the first runner-up in Rachael Ray’s annual “Hey You Can Cook” competition. If you happened to catch the show, can you tell me why Angie didn’t win? Sure, I’m biased because after meeting her in person, I can tell you she’s a sweetheart, but seriously, how do you win a competition when you basically ignore the rules. Hmm, can I make scallops taste good? Yes, but what about the hot dogs? Did Pete not understand the challenge? And which recipe did you actually want to make for dinner? I wanted to make that yummy-looking pasta that Angie made. Okay, enough said.

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