a lot of jambalaya

When I first arrived in New Orleans, I headed straight to Acme Oyster House, but more about that some other time. After Acme, I walked across the French Quarter to an old favorite of mine. I was a bit surprised to find it pretty empty at The Praline Connection, but it started filling up as I ate. I guess the sad truth is that NOLA just isn’t the same as it was pre-Hurricane Katrina, but all I can do is go back again soon, because they need the support. Anyway, back to the food. I was pretty full from Acme, but I was committed to over-stuffing myself at Praline Connection. I ordered the jambalaya.

I always say this, but you probably can’t tell just how huge that portion is from the photograph. It’s easily enough for two people to share, and you get cornbread and a side dish (collard greens) with it. I couldn’t finish my dinner, but I tried my best. Praline Connection remains one of my all-time faves. And no trip there would be complete without buying a couple of boxes of pralines to take home for friends and family, so that’s just what I did. And of course I got myself a praline for the walk back to the hotel.

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