big bowl of noodles

Quick trip back to Chicago. I almost feel bad about eating at Big Bowl. It’s in that touristy Magnificent Mile area that I dislike so much, but then again, it was just a block or two from my hotel, and I was pretty hungry at the time. I guess I have a thing against chain restaurants, but as chains go, this is probably a good one. They’ve got some ethics when it comes to buying (local, natural, antibiotics-free, etc.), and I’d also say that the food is a good value for the money. Plus, there aren’t a lot of chains where I can get a big bowl of noodles with tofu like this.

Chain restaurants that actually cater to veggies are okay by me. Plus, for the record, this food is quite tasty. It’s a little bit Chinese and a little bit Thai, and over the top with flavor, but not really in a bad way. I like bold flavors sometimes, even if it means the food is a little heavy on sweetness in order to appeal to mainstream tastes. Plus, they make their own ginger ale, which is pretty cool. So if you’re trying to choose between the scary restaurants nearby Michigan Avenue, I suggest you check out this one.

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