monster muffin

I guess I’m not the only one who is confused about what to call this place, because I found a few old blog posts about the varied names. I know it’s an off-shoot of The Citi Bakery, and I also know it’s related to the new Birdbath Bakery in the West Village. Anyway, you can go here if you want to read more about how “green” they are. I’d just come from Artichoke Pizza around the block, and I needed something sweet to hit the spot.

I forget what they called this thing, but I’d describe it as an exploded, crusty bread pudding. I guess they baked it in a muffin pan, and I think they said something about brioche bread being used. The top was nicely hard and the bottom/inside was moist and filled with nuts and little bits of fruit. It was huge. I can’t help but wonder how good this is right out of the oven though, like baked-5-minutes-ago fresh. Next time I’ll have some cookies.

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