4-martini lunch

Well, not martinis, but I was sampling some pretty amazing drinks yesterday at lunch. Even if you can’t quite afford a meal at Eleven Madison Park, you owe it to yourself to stop by and try their cocktails. Yes, I’m totally serious about that. I know you probably think it’s a wine-snob kinda place, but you’re wrong. The bartender takes his craft really seriously. It’s not the kind of restaurant where I’d feel comfortable busting out the camera, but the cocktails are gorgeous too. I was at Eleven Madison with a new author of mine, chef Mark Peel of the acclaimed Campanile in Los Angeles. It was a real pleasure to meet Mark for the first time. He and countless other chefs are in town this weekend for the James Beard Foundation Awards. I think I’ve already blogged about my two nominees in the cookbook categories, so I won’t go on about those again. If one of the books wins, I’m sure I’ll be blabbing about that on Monday.

Speaking of Madison Park, if you’re reading this now, then you’re already missing out on the Big Apple Block Party. So shut off the computer and head over for some real bbq now.

2 thoughts on “4-martini lunch

  1. Actually I think most places that seem wine/snobby to the naked eye serve better cocktails than the average bear…either that or I am slowly turning into a wine snob who doesn’t drink wine, I guess take your pick.The monkey gland sounds fantastic but out-of-this-world-diabetes-inducing sweet. Did you try that one? How does the gin cut the sweetness of the absinthe/grenadine/oj? Oh, and do you know if EMP pours Bulldog gin? I’ve been looking for a swanky out-of-price-rage cocktail joint to take my cousin to during his NY mis-vacation at month’s end but I’d like him to try a few things he can’t get in CA (ie bulldog, and non-crackerish thin crust pizza). Just curious. Thanks for the recommendation.

  2. Lol, no, we didn’t try The Monkey Gland, but it would have been #5 on the list. Not sure about the Bulldog gin. For the record, we did try the PNP Sour, Ipanema Flip, Rusty Monk, and one other that is slipping my mind now. I want to guess it was the 23 Skidoo.

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