Boston posts coming soon

I just got back from Boston a couple of hours ago. My main reason for going was to celebrate the publication of Recipe of the Week: Ice Cream. It was my first time meeting author Sally Sampson in person (I think), which is kind of strange because we’ve been working on books together for years. So there we are in the photo. No foodie posts yet, but I’ve got some stories to tell. After the party at Toscanini’s in Cambridge last night, I walked down the street to check out Salts, which was closed unfortunately. On the way over, I was overcome with the smell of chocolate. I noticed a guy standing outside an anonymous warehouse, and his shoes appeared to be covered in cocoa. Then I looked up and saw this relatively well hidden sign.

Sorry the pic is blurry, but if you’re like me, it’s instantly recognizable. Apparently it was a Tootsie Roll factory, surrounded by M.I.T. campus buildings. I was strangely amused.

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