an unhealthy obsession

I’m talking about ice cream. I’ve always been a little fanatic about it, but apparently ice cream obsession is a way of life in Boston. I was in town for the launch party for an ice cream book, so of course I had to do a little investigative work. My only regret was that I didn’t find out about Christina’s until it was too late — too bad since it was just about a mile from my hotel. I did manage to try a few flavors at Toscanini’s in Cambridge, and doing so was a highlight of my trip. Gus (the owner) really knows his stuff, and I’m not just saying that because he talked my ear off about ice cream at the book party.

After sampling the Pale Wort and Kulfee, I settled on a scoop of the Salty Chocolate. Ice cream doesn’t get much smoother and creamier than this, and the touch of salt was just right. At first my scoop seemed small, but this ice cream is so rich, it would be hard to eat much more. Okay, it wouldn’t be that hard.

My next stop was at Herrell’s, over by Harvard Square. Despite all assurances and a really fantastic looking board of flavors, I wasn’t nearly as impressed. Don’t get me wrong, the ice cream at Herrell’s is really yummy.

I ordered the Mexican Chocolate, and I wouldn’t say “no” to a scoop of it right now. But compared to Toscanini’s, the ice cream at Herrell’s is icier, maybe lighter, less creamy, and not nearly as rich. Depending on your personal taste, that could be a good thing. For me, the choice is pretty easy… rich and creamy wins.

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