summer pasta

I have to admit that cooking in the summer isn’t so fun for me, at least not when my apartment is hot like it is today. But there is a farmer’s market across the street on Saturdays, and the basil and zucchini looked great. There is a recipe I love to make with those two ingredients, and I’m pretty sure I adapted it from one of Michael Chiarello’s books. Honestly, I’ve lost track because I’ve been making it for so long, but it’s pretty simple. The zucchini is shredded with a mandoline and gently sauteed with olive oil and garlic. Add in some julienned basil, toss with cooked spaghetti, and top with Parmesan (Romano works fine too). This dish says “summer” to me. Best of all, it doesn’t cost more than ten bucks to make, assuming you go for the cheaper cheese. P.S. I bet Vanessa Maltin would do this with a gluten-free pasta and it would be just as good.

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