no sticky buns here

I’ve been really busy for the past week, including the past couple of days which I spent mostly at the Fancy Food Show. I have sampled more chocolate in two days than I care to admit. I almost forgot about my trip to Boston, and there is so much more to tell. I’ve already mentioned Flour Bakery. It turns out that owner Joanne Chang also co-owns a funky pan-Asian restaurant (mostly Chinese, I guess) just down Washington Street in the South End with Christopher Myers (hence the name, Myers+Chang). I stopped by late on a Sunday night during my brief trip and had a lot of fun there. Okay, so I admit that Joanne Chang put in a word with the very nice restaurant manager, so we got a couple of freebies with our meal, but I think I would have enjoyed it even if I was there anonymously. Above are the “m+c porksliders” and the hakka eggplant over on the left. (Eggplant doesn’t get much better than this.) And check out the Chinese newspapers they use as placemats!

I think these are the pork & chive dumplings. The braised pork belly buns were another highlight, as were the dan dan noodles. Now don’t get these dan dan noodles confused with the famous ones at Sichuan Chengdu I blogged about several months ago. At Myers+Chang, they’re basically really good cold sesame noodles. And did I mentioned the cool decor and awesome storefront windows? It’s my kind of place, when it comes to style. As for the food, I wish M&C was closer to NYC so I could try everything else on the menu.

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