much pig

It’s easy to miss the sign outside The Butcher Shop in Boston — a pig with a bite taken out of him. Too bad it was raining that night, which prevented me from getting a better photo. Actually, the rain was pretty cool. I was sitting in the window, facing out, and there was an amazing lightning storm. I enjoyed that almost as much as the food.

Another good sign of their obsession with everything pork at this place is this wall of images. The funny part is that I snapped this photo in the restroom. Where can I get some of these cool prints for my own house?

And one of the last really good signs about The Butcher Shop is this wall of refrigerator cases at the back of the restaurant. It’s not just for show — these beautiful meats are for sale. I was more interested in what they did for the ambiance, but then again I wasn’t there for shopping, just eating. I ordered some orzo pasta, which was pretty fantastic, but the real highlights were the charcuterie and the antipasti platter. Order a nice glass of wine and take your time. That seems to be the rule here. The cured meats are spectacular but of course they’re rich too, so this is a place to come for slow nibbling. With the oyster restaurant across the street, Barbara Lynch seems to be taking over the neighborhood, or at least I hope she is.

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