omg wall-e

Dear foodies, go see Wall-E now. I know, it looks like a kid’s movie, but if you care about saving the earth, sustainability, the environment, reducing waste, obesity issues, etc., then it’s your kind of movie. Trust me. The message comes through loud and clear from the first moments of the movie. Wall-e is this adorable little robot living in a long-abandoned Earth that is overrun with trash. The directive of his robot model is to clean up the Earth for humanity’s eventual return. No spoilers here — I’ll let you see what happens for yourself — but this movie touches on one important issue after another. If you have to borrow your neighbor’s 9-year-old for the afternoon to justify going to see this movie, then so be it, but I think a lot of the content would be lost on kids any younger than that. P.S. Don’t wait for this to come out on DVD. It looks great on the big screen.

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