Boston knows Mexican

Anna’s Taqueria is another loved restaurant chain in Boston, and if I’d gone to Upper Crust first during my trip, I might have been dubious. But Anna’s was so high on the list of places to try in Bean Town, I basically got to the hotel and just kept driving straight to an Anna’s. And the verdict is… Anna’s is amazing. There, Boston, are you happy now?

Of course, this is a meat-lover’s kind of place. Everything good on the menu seemed to have pork, so I opted for the Carnitas Taco and Al Pastor Taco. Yes, I tried a burrito too, but burritos aren’t usually that pretty in photos. In my opinion, you can’t get Mexican food this good in New York City. No, I haven’t tried the Red Hook taco trucks yet. And I used to be a fan Kitchen Market in Chelsea, but that’s long gone. So I only have one regret about my trip to Boston, that I didn’t make it back to Anna’s again before I left.

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