Conant on 14th Street

It’s not often that I read a review of a restaurant that I tried just a week earlier, and the reviewer is ranting about the very dish I ordered. Sure, I admit, when I go to a place like Scarpetta, I try everything on the table. But the goat dish (Capretto) that disappointed the TONY reviewer so much was my main course that night. Not only did I love it, but my girlfriend even commented afterwards about how great the dish was. Maybe it’s about expectations. The reviewer comments that the goat at Scarpetta isn’t up to the same level as it was at L’Impero. Well, maybe, but then he goes on to describe the meat as leathery. Wait a second, are we sure we ate the same thing? (Kidding, I know we did.) I guess it goes to show you that you shouldn’t take any restaurant reviewer’s opinion as gospel, especially if you don’t know anything about his likes, dislikes, etc. Sure, it’s possible that on the night of this Time Out review, the dish was bad, and it just happened to be fantastic on the night I was there, but I’m kind of doubting it. Not only do I think TONY is wrong, I urge you to go to Scarpetta and try the goat entree for yourself. P.S. The service is fantastic, the pasta dishes are not to be missed, the room is slick and gorgeous, and they’re quite generous with their (fantastic) wines.

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