my kinda price

Maybe it was that strange piece on Serious Eats claiming that Herrell’s makes the best ice cream in the Boston area (wtf?), but I’ve had ice cream on my mind all day. (Good thing I had some leftover cake!) Anyway, yesterday I was strolling around Soho, trying to beat the heat. Some street marketing dudes came to my rescue when they set up an ice cream stand on the corner of Spring and Broadway and started giving away these m&m ice cream treats for free. Yes, free! Just try and tell me that the pop in the above photo isn’t adorable. The ice cream is covered in a chocolate-y candy shell. Mmmmm. You’re jealous, and it’s okay. I assume these ice cream pops will be in stores soon. Take that TONY cheap eats issue. You can’t beat free. P.S. Bun is not cheap by any definition. Each of those $12 plates amount to no more than a few small bites. Six or 8 plates and a coupla drinks later, and that’s a pricey meal.

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