more of my kinda breakfast

Just a few doors over from Doughnut Plant… I have to be sure to save room for a bialy at the famous Kossar’s. I tried to explain to my girlfriend’s parents what a bialy was, and why they’re so good. Honestly, that was tough. They’re sorta like a bagel, but not really. They’re lightly salty and chewy. You don’t really put anything on them. They’re just good, I guess.

The thing is that I would probably never order a bialy anywhere else, like at a regular bagel shop. It’s about the experience at Kossar’s. I love looking at the racks towards the back of the shop, and I love that they have never modernized the place. And I love that the bialys are what, 75 cents? So maybe it’s about the experience as much as the taste. I’m not sure, but I wish Kossar’s was a little easier to get to on a Sunday morning. (I have a friend who lives like a block away from Kossar’s, and I’m very jealous of her for that.)

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