not my Chinatown

I’m still not done talking about Boston. On my last night there, after a great meal at The Butcher Shop, in the middle of a lightning storm, I decided to go on a little adventure. The adventure is only because I was an out-of-towner, at about midnight, trying to worm my way through Boston’s Chinatown with a pretty lousy map in my hands. All of the roads were one way, and they all seemed to go the wrong way. Finally I made it to Taiwan Cafe, which was recommended to me by Joanne Chang.

It turned out Joanne was right on about this place. We ordered some take-out and took it back to the hotel. (The hotel was located just off the M.I.T. campus, hence the weird math stuff on the comforter.) I couldn’t possibly tell you what we ordered now, but it was really good. This is more like the kind of food you get in Flushing, Queens, not the pretty much fake stuff you get in Manhattan’s Chinatown. (Okay, I like the fake stuff too.) Check out those beans, and all the chopped up veggies. I’m kind of craving that food right now. And of course the prices were dirt cheap. Next time I go to Boston, I’m calling up Joanne and making her go back to Taiwan Cafe with me for a full-on Chinese feast.

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