go NYT, go

I’m really digging the Times food section today, and I probably don’t say that often. First off, is that tofu in the shot on page 3? Yummm, I gotta try that recipe. Next, I’m really excited about the Flushing, Queens article. Have I told you I’m originally from Flushing? No, seriously, it wasn’t all Korean, Chinese and Indian back in those days. The population was, believe it or not, even more diverse then than it is now. You should see my class pictures — a true rainbow of children. I lived pretty far out, just off the BQE, on Kissena Boulevard near Kissena Park. Flushing has changed a lot in the past couple of decades, probably for the better in terms of food alone. I don’t get back often enough, but it’s always exciting when I do. (Remember the dan dan noodles.) Thanks to Julia Moskin’s article in the Times today, I have so many new places to try.

I’m also excited about Bruni’s 3-star review of Scarpetta. I’ve already ranted on my blog about the Time Out review, so the Times piece comes as a relief. And it’s well-deserved of course — Scarpetta is a great new spot in the otherwise disturbingly-overrated Meat Packing district.

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