ice cream weather

I was one post away from making this my busiest blogging month ever, so I’m going for it, with about 5 hours left in July. Plus, I wrote so much about the ice cream up in Boston, I felt like I wasn’t being fair to the home team. I mentioned the other day that I’m from Flushing. That’s true, but I mean originally from Flushing. Like a lot of families do, mine moved to the suburbs, Jersey in my case. Monmouth County, to be more specific. My parents sold that house years ago, but my mom still lives down there. One of my favorite reasons to visit, besides that great pizza in Red Bank, is Ryan’s Ice Cream. If you’re thinking that the Jersey Shore has a lot of great ice cream spots, you’re right. I guess Ryan’s has more of a personal connection for me. I head down the Parkway, visit my mom, and head over to Ryan’s together for a treat. The flavors are pretty straightforward, but they make a mean Mississippi Mud, and they do a sort of Almond Joy ice cream with coconut, which I love. But really, when you visit an old-fashioned ice cream spot like this where they’re making the stuff right in the shop, it takes you back. It makes me feel like I’m a kid all over again. With any luck, I’ll be at Ryan’s again this weekend.

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