get me some oysters

It’s hot and steamy in NYC today, so I guess it’s as good a day as any to write a little bit more about New Orleans. I already mentioned that Acme Oyster House was my first stop when I got to town. I know from past experience how busy Acme gets later in the day, so 4pm seemed like a good time to sneak in. There was already a line out the door when I arrived, but they let me squeeze in at a single seat at the bar.

Good thing that sitting at the bar is my favorite place at Acme. And why shouldn’t it be? You get to watch the shuckers up close (see photo), and sometimes an extra oyster or two ends up on your plate, if you’re real nice. And what goes better with oysters than Abita beer? Nothing. The thing about Acme is that it’s the people that make your experience great. I forget my shucker’s name, but he was pulling everyone’s leg with a story about how he was going into the pen at the end of the week. I almost believed him til he finally fessed up.

Damn those oysters look good. Wouldn’t you know it, my girlfriend doesn’t like oysters. Well, she wasn’t in New Orleans with me this time around, so maybe it didn’t matter much. I started off with half a dozen. The only reason I didn’t order more of these beauties is because I knew I was heading to Praline Connection after this. Why exactly do I love these over-sized oysters so much? I’m not sure, but they’re briny, a little messy, and just so satisfying.

I meant to order a pound of steamed crawfish tails, but these whole ones showed up. I tried to act like I knew what I was doing, but the character next to me started laughing and then gave me a lesson. Break off the tail and yank out the meat. Then squeeze the body and don’t suck, but sort of inhale the liquor out of it. It made me cough a little, but that’s just my inexperience. By the last few, I think I’d gotten it right. Now this last part freaked me out at first, but he showed me how to stick my finger in and scoop out some of the gooey stuff inside the body. Then you suck it off your finger. A little perverse, but awesome too.

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