dessert truck again?

This was supposed to be a post about a trip to one of my old favorite Japanese restaurants. I hadn’t been there since I started blogging, I was in the area after seeing The Dark Knight (creepy), and the crowd didn’t look too bad inside the restaurant. The food was pretty much a bummer though. I’m not going to pick on the specific place — you probably already know that there are way too many Japanese restaurants on St. Mark’s Place. A lot of the restaurants in this area are packed every night, and I’m not really surprised that the quality is going downhill at some of them. It’s not just the novelty wearing off on me. I’m talking about a dish I used to order regularly and love, I was totally craving it, and suddenly the portions are meager and the whole thing was kind of bland. I have a few theories about what’s going wrong here, and in the neighborhood in general, but I’ll keep them to myself for now. Despite my concerns, the East Village remains one of my favorite foodie neighborhoods, in no small part due to the Dessert Truck, parked over on Third Avenue. This cheesecake may sound a little risky — goat cheese, rosemary caramel, blackberries — but Dessert Truck impressed me once again. The texture was particularly interesting. Forget that this looks like soft and light. The cake was actually very dense and rich. A perfect summer evening treat.

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