what does Song mean?

I get the 7.2 part of Song 7.2 — that’s for the location at 7th Street and 2nd Avenue. So what does the Song part mean? I don’t know, but I guess it doesn’t matter much. The next question is why this place gets so many photos in my blog? For starters, I really like it. And the other reason is because they do Korean tapas (for lack of a better term) here, so you get to try a lot of dishes. I wish this first photo gave you a better sense of the vibe at Song 7.2, because it’s a lot of fun. This is a place where you want to hang out and enjoy yourself over a few glasses of soju.

They don’t serve banchan at the start of the meal like most Korean places around town, but they did give us a free plate of those spicy, chewy rice cakes I love. Nice way to start.

Just thinking about this next dish cracks me up — tofu, bacon, and kimchee. Remember when I wrote about that Mr. Bacon vs. Monsieur Tofu thingy? Well, here they are, on the same plate.

Some mandoo (very good) and something I’ve never seen before, little deep-fried sushi wraps (also very good). Fried stuff is always pretty good when you’re drinking though, right?

This whole grilled mackerel covered in a zesty sauce was pretty unusual too. I’ve never had anything like it at a Korean restaurant before.

And then when you’re done with your meal, the waitstaff takes your picture and puts it up on the wall. Wait, they didn’t take my picture and put it on the wall! It looks like I’ll have to keep going back until they do.

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