Sunday eats

The crowds have finally died down a bit at showings of Man on Wire at the Landmark Sunshine Theater on Houston Street, so I headed over to see it this afternoon. One of my favorite things about this theater is of course its proximity to Yonah Schimmel. As for the movie, if you haven’t seen it already, I have to recommend that you do.

Back to Yonah Schimmel. It’s so old-fashioned inside, it’s sort of like being in a time warp. The guy behind the counter stepped away for a minute, so I couldn’t resist taking this shot. Sometimes I wonder how places like this survive for so long and aren’t driven out by greedy landlords, or if they own the building, how do the resist selling the property for millions?

I got a broccoli knish, my favorite. Then I drowned it in mustard. For $3/each, these knishes are an incredible value, so satisfying and so tasty. I’ve probably mentioned in my blog before that I’m not really a “potato guy,” but I make a huge exception at this place. And did I mention the entire menu is vegetarian?

The one thing I can’t quite figure out is about the spelling of this place. You can see here in the top sign that they spell it “Shimmel” with no “c.” And then you can see in the sign right below it that they spell it “Schimmel” with the “c.” Hmmm.

I had the knish before the movie, and I was pretty hungry again afterwards. Good thing Nicky’s Vietnamese Sandwiches was close by, and an even better thing that the line was short. I don’t mind that the owners at Nicky’s take their time making each and every sandwich, but this place can get packed sometimes.

I always go for the sardine sandwich instead of the classic. I know, I know, the classic is really good, but I’m a little bit addicted to the sardine version. I happen to live in an area with quite a few Vietnamese restaurants, but we unfortunately can’t get sandwiches like that around here.

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