16 Hindles?

The first time I passed by newcomer 16 Handles on 2nd Avenue, I glanced over and couldn’t quite read the sign. I made a mental note to come back and try “16 Hindles” some day. I thought maybe it was Indian frozen yogurt — don’t laugh, I’ve had really good Indian-spiced ice cream in San Francisco. Today was the day to return to try Hindles. I was in need of something to wash away the taste after my lunch (see last post — no, I’m not kidding). For the record, I don’t understand how there can be 4 or 5 frozen yogurt places within a couple of blocks of each other in the East Village. What are these companies thinking? I give it five years before the war is over and either Pinkberry or Red Mango wins, and most of these places shut down. Five years might even be optimistic. Remember when the East Village had juice and smoothie spots everywhere? They’re all gone now.

Once you step inside 16 Handles, the name and concept becomes clear. Yeah, yeah, I get the movie reference. Not the best photo, but you get to pump your own yogurt and pay by the ounce. And they have, I presume, 16 flavors. I’m already liking this place. Vanilla frozen yogurt is fine, and I dig green tea anything, but today I was going to enjoy some variety with my frozen yogurt. It was just what I needed.

Get prepared to put your food styling skills to the test here. I went for some of the peanut butter, and a little chocolate too, and then topped it with some crushed up cookies. I was worried I went overboard and would literally pay the price. But that cup came to about $2.70. I think I paid five or six bucks when I went to Red Mango, and at least that much at Pinkberry. What about the taste? Well, it’s not icey like at Pinkberry, and I didn’t get that almost overbearing sour yogurt taste either. I’d say, except of course for the fact that this IS frozen yogurt, that it’s a little more in line with dense, soft-serve ice cream than anything else. If you like a little tang, then Red Mango is a win. If you want something smooth and creamy, in a ton of flavor choices, and for a good price, give 16 Hindles, I mean 16 Handles a try.

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