Hoboken cool down

After that great dinner at Lupe’s, I had to head to Hoboken. It was a perfect night for a stroll, but I thought I’d stop by Rita’s to make it even more perfect. Now in all honestly, I’d never been to Rita’s before. Yes, my office is two blocks away, but it just never seemed like the thing to do, particularly at lunch time. But my daughter told me how awesome Rita’s is, so I had to see for myself. I was a bit mystified by the selection, so I looked around at what other people were ordering. Then I pointed to something interesting and asked the guy behind the counter what that was. He said it was a “gelati,” made with layers of frozen custard and Italian ice. Holy crap, that sounded amazing.

Somehow we decided to get the cherry ice with chocolate custard. Wow, it looked yummy. As for the taste, it did not disappoint. The cherry flavor of the ice is bold and sweet, and the combination with the custard really worked, even if it was a bit unusual to me at first. It’s totally worth the ensuing brain freeze, and I can’t wait to go back and try more flavors. And even if you live in NYC, it might just be worth the $1.75 to take the Path train out to Hoboken one day and try Rita’s for yourself.

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