crunchy bananas

I moved at the start of July, and for me, summer isn’t exactly baking season. Believe it or not, until yesterday, I wasn’t even sure how to work my new oven. It’s one of those way-too-fancy ovens. Really, how many timers does one person need? Anyway… I am working with Dede Wilson on a new cookbook right now. (Hi, Dede.) As you may know, Dede and I have worked together before. A great book she wrote for me years ago, long out of print, was called Bake It to the Limit. If you ever stumble across a copy, buy it. Trust me. One of my many faves in the book is the banana cake. It’s only got one banana, which isn’t a lot by banana bread standards. But the real magic is in the topping.

You mash up a bunch of those dried, sweetened banana chips, and toss that with butter, light brown sugar, and flour. Then you sprinkle it over the top before baking. The chocolate squiggled over the cake is just for that extra something special, but you can skip it if you’d like. The result is a soft, chocolate-y cake with the crunchy banana topping. She says to let it cool for 30 minutes before eating, but it’s just so freakin’ good while it’s still warm.

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