kind of sugar-free banana bread

I told Sally Sampson about this in advance, so she won’t be too horrified if this blog entry pops up in her Google alerts. I had a few old bananas the other day, so I decided to make banana bread. I found a yummy-sounding recipe in Sally’s Bake Sale Cookbook. Now I think this is pretty funny, considering I spend all day working on recipes to be printed in cookbooks, but I left out the sugar when I made the batter. No, really, I just completely missed the sugar when I was adding stuff to my mixer. But those bananas were pretty old and sweet, so that helped. And the thing that saved the bread is that I used chocolate chips instead of nuts. The bread baked up beautifully, and it got better as it sat. I finished it off today, and the chocolate flavor had permeated the whole thing. This was some really good banana bread, even without the sugar. I guess I’m surprised the recipe worked at all, because the ratio of wet ingredients to dry should have been way off, but it was so good, I’d probably make it that way again. Sally insists that I try the real thing, so I’ll give her the benefit of the doubt and report on that soon. Mmmmm, sugar-free banana bread…

One thought on “kind of sugar-free banana bread

  1. Hi Justin, just passing through when this recipe caught my eye. Now banana bread always seems such a good idea but then ends up sitting around uneaten in our house.But adding chocolate – of course!This is one I’ll be trying.peterps in regards to Brit chocolate, here in NZ we get ours from australia and I have been told that the recipe has been changed because the normal recipe would melt in the heat there.

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