spinach, mushrooms, rice and k-pop

Yes, this is another post about that Korean cookbook my girlfriend gave me. After I made the tofu thing, I was so pleased with the results, I had to keep cooking. Technically, these mushroom and spinach dishes are side dishes. But if you’re a veggie, and maybe even if you’re not, you’re going to think they make a perfect meal. The recipes are simple, but perfect, infused with soy and sesame. The only other time I can remember boiling mushrooms was for a recipe in a book I edited with Eileen Yin-Fei Lo. Yes, boiling mushrooms always seems a bit odd at first, but seriously, this is a must-try recipe. Good thing these shiitakes were a bargain at H Mart.

Besides some of that yummy kimchi I made, all the meal needed to be complete was a little rice. They had some super-cool imported rice cookers at H Mart, but I didn’t pick one up. Then I started thinking about how Sam the Cooking Guy raves about rice cookers. I stopped by Target and bought this affordable and easy-to-use Aroma model. The rice was perfect. I could see myself eating rice a lot more often now. Really, a child could use this thing and get great results. Easy to clean to.

Maybe you noticed the soju in the background of the top photo. I’m no expert on soju, but they serve like this in the small green bottles in some Korean restaurants I’ve been to. There was a liquor store in the H Mart mall, so I stopped in. A lot of the bottles look the same, so it’s tough to decide which one to buy. They were selling a six-pack of this very yummy Chum Churum soju, and the best part is that the box came with three of those cute little shot glasses. (No, you don’t drink the soju straight from the bottle, even though it looks a little like a beer bottle — this stuff is pretty strong.)

And no, I wasn’t influenced to buy this brand of soju because of the sexy photo of K-pop star Hyori Lee being on the box cover. Don’t be ridiculous… why would you think that?

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